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Everything You Need To Know About Joining The Liberty Bell Chapter

Why Join the Liberty Bell Chapter?

The Liberty Bell Chapter
of the 
West Virginia University Alumni Association

Wants You!

Calling all Mountaineers, family, and friends! The Liberty Bell Chapter of the WVU Alumni Association is beginning a new membership drive, with the goal of bringing more members back into the fold. Won't you join us? Just use the attached membership form to sign up! (If you're already a member, you can use the form to update your information.) 

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to alumni of West Virginia University, their families and friends. 

How Much Does Membership Cost?

Liberty Bell Chapter dues are only $15.00 per year for an individual membership or $25.00 for a joint membership.

What Do My Dues Pay For?

Your dues help offset the costs of operating the local chapter. These costs include tax filing, web hosting, advertising, mailing, and other essential administration. Your dues will also help the chapter produce events including game watching parties, social functions and scholarship fundraisers. 

Remember, the chapter is run entirely by volunteers like you. No member receives any payment for work on behalf of the Liberty Bell Chapter.

Why Should I Join?

Your local alumni chapter will help you keep the Mountaineer spirit alive, extending the WVU community right to your doorstep, wherever you are. Alumni chapters sponsor social events, help raise scholarship funds, support Mountaineer sports, assist new graduates and recruit new students.  A strong network of alumni is an essential part of every university.


2012-2013 Liberty Bell Membership Form

Member 1

Name ___________________________________

E-mail address ___________________________ 

Mailing address___________________________

Home telephone number (including area code)__________________________________

Work telephone number (including area code___________________________________

Graduating class and degree ____________________

Post-graduate class and degree __________________

Occupation and employer _______________________

Spouse (if not a joint member) ___________________

Children (names and dates of birth) ___________________

Member 2 (if joint membership)

Name _______________________________

E-mail address _______________________

Work telephone number (including area code) _____________

Graduating class and degree ____________________________

Post-graduate Class and degree __________________________

Occupation and employer _______________________________

I am interested in:

__ Assisting with recruiting new students

__ Annual golf outing committee

__ Membership committee

__ Chapter social functions

__ Assisting local alumni with job searches

__ Scholarship committee

Other (all ideas welcome) _____________________________

Total amount enclosed:


$_________* Check # ________ Date __________

*Individual membership is $15.00/year. Joint is $25.00/year.

2 year $ 25 ind $40 joint

5 year $60 ind $100 joint

RECESSION SPECIAL!!!! only for 2011-12 Lifetime $100 ind $150 joint

Please make checks payable to “Liberty Bell Chapter – WVU Alumni Association.” Please mail completed forms

and checks to the Liberty Bell Chapter Membership.

Where to mail forms will be updated shortly!


Membership Options